Welcome to the Intensive Learning Center (ILC)
Leslie Preston
ILC Teacher

Delmar High School ILC Point and Level System


The Delmar High School Intensive Learning Center is a separate special education classroom designed to meet the needs of students who have not achieved academic and/or behavioral success in other academic settings due to significant emotional and/or behavioral difficulties.  A comprehensive behavior management system is a key component of the Intensive Learning Center.  The primary objectives of the ILC classroom are to educate its students in the least restrictive environment based on his/her current Individualized Education Plan (IEP); provide a small group setting with limited distractions as compared to general education classrooms; provide clearly defined rules, expectations, and consequences for student behavior; promote academic, social, behavioral, and emotional growth among its students; and to prepare students to re-enter the general education setting where they may continue to receive special education services. These objectives are achieved through a collaborative effort and open communication between teachers, students, parents, administration, guidance counselor, school psychologist, related service providers, relevant community agencies, and others as deemed appropriate by the student’s case manager.   

The Point and Level System

All students taking classes in the ILC for any portion of the day will participate in the point and level system.  This system is designed to reward students for displaying positive behavior.  Students earn points throughout the school day for displaying appropriate behavior in the areas of task completion, respect, following school and classroom rules, using appropriate language, and for their individualized target behavior.  (See below for specific descriptions of each behavior).  Once points are earned, students cannot lose them.  As students move up the level system they are rewarded with more independence, more privileges, and more responsibility.  All students enter the ILC on Level 2.  (See attachment for information about each level and its corresponding privileges). 


Work Completion – Students are expected to complete all assigned work to the best of their ability.  This includes participating in cooperative learning activities, class discussions, independent work, and any other educational activities.

Respect – Students must display respect toward themselves, respect toward peers and staff, and respect the learning process at all times. 

Rules – Students must follow all school and classroom rules. 

Using Appropriate Language – Students are expected to use appropriate language at all times when speaking to school staff and peers. 

Individual Target Behavior – Any other behavioral goals listed on the student’s IEP will be used as a target behavior.  This goal is expected to change throughout the school year based on each student’s individual progress. 

Point Sheets

Students are given a new point sheet each morning upon arrival at school.  At the end of each class period, staff will record points earned on each student’s point sheet.  Students may earn a 0, 1, or 2 for each of the behaviors listed above.  (An explanation of point values can be found below).  Students will total their own points at the end of each day, with supervision from staff.  If a student destroys or loses his/her point sheet they will be given a new one, however all points earned up to that point will be lost.  Students are encouraged to take home their point sheet each day to obtain a parent/guardian signature.  Those who do so will earn two extra points for the following day.  A copy of all point sheets will be kept on file so that the data can be used for progress monitoring and future educational planning.

0 points- The student demonstrates the given behavior rarely or not at all.

1 point- The student demonstrates the given behavior some of the time.

2 points- The student demonstrates the given behavior most or all of the time. 


Level System

Each student’s placement in the level system is determined by his/her behavior.  Students can move up a level for achieving consecutively successful days.  All students start at level 2. Requirements to move up a level are described below. 

Level 1 to Level 2:  Earn at least 75% of possible points for 3 consecutive days

Level 2 to Level 3:  Earn at least 85% of possible points for 8 consecutive days

Level 3 to Level 4:  Earn at least 90% of possible points for 15 consecutive days

*Any student who engages in physical violence, threats toward staff or peers, possession of a weapon, possession or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, theft, or blatant defiance of staff will automatically be moved to level 1 for the safety of all students and staff.

Description of Levels

Level 1

· Staff escort at ALL times

· Supervised restroom breaks

· Lunch in the classroom

· NO hallway privileges

· Possible restitution

· May not participate in field trips, pep rallies, assemblies, etc.

Level 2

· Staff escort in hallway

· Unsupervised restroom breaks

· Lunch in the classroom

· May attend school-wide programs with classroom staff (pep rallies, assemblies, etc.)

Level 3

· Unsupervised hall time

· Lunch in the cafeteria

· May participate in class and school outings, assemblies, etc.

· May be considered to take a class outside of the ILC

· May purchase classroom rewards/incentives

· Computer time as deemed appropriate by ILC staff

Level 4

· Unsupervised hall time

· Lunch in the cafeteria

· May participate in class and school outings, assemblies, etc.

· May be considered to take one or more classes outside of the ILC

· May purchase classroom rewards/incentives

· Computer time as deemed appropriate by ILC staff

· Fill in own point sheet with staff supervision

May attend incentive-based field trips