Safety & Security

District School Safety Policy

The Delmar School District will take every reasonable precaution for the safety of students, employees, parents, and visitors. The Board of Education believes that safety education and accident prevention are important to everyone concerned with our schools, not only as a protective measure during school hours, but also as a means of developing attitudes and behaviors which will minimize accidents at all times. Safety is the number one priority of the District and includes, but is not limited to, the following: 

  • staff training (school bullying prevention, criminal youth gang detection training, child abuse prevention training, OCR Non-Discrimination training),
  • facility inspections,
  • enforcement of school safety procedures (including crisis management/emergency plans, fire prevention, driver safety education, chemical storage safety, cyber-security).

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Chemical Safety: 

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State Sex Offender Registry

· Delaware Sex Offender Central Registry

· Maryland Sex Offender Central Registry

Bully Prevention & Cyber Bullying Policy (2013)



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